About the Journal

African Strategic Review is an interdisciplinary international journal which is mainly concerned with the field of strategic defence and security issues, theories and analyses. In an attempt to be scholarly in both content and style, it is also designed to be a medium for exchange of data, ideas and methodological approaches among military professionals, bureaucrats academia and independent researchers involved in the analysis of strategic, defence and security policy issues.

A wide range of methodological approaches to defence matters will be encompassed-quantitative, qualitative and speculative. The Editors welcome contributions to African Strategic Review that fall within the specific areas of research and international relations generally.

Instructions to Contributors

Articles submitted should be original and should not be considered under publication elsewhere. In addition to scholarly referenced articles. African Strategic Review will include commissioned works and contributions published at the discretion of the Editors. Most of the articles in this journal are solicited, but also accepts unsolicited articles. However, both are subject to peer reviews. Authors are to be economical with the use of words, and should avoid technical jargons as the journal intends to reach policy makers as well as academics.

Suggestions or proposals of possible articles and reviews are therefore welcomed. Unless the author specifies to the contrary, submitted articles will normally be evaluated, anonymously, by an independent reviewer. Also, in the tradition of scientific and professional journals, African Strategic Review will have a section on commentary and reports containing ideas, hypotheses, lines of argument and enquiry. These contributions, which should be between 500 and 1,000 words, will be included solely at the discretion of the Editors, and can be accepted up to 3 months before the date of publication.

All manuscripts, commentaries, reports, and correspondences should be addressed to the Editor, African Strategic Review, African Centre for Strategic Research and Studies, National Defence College, Herbert Macaulay Way (North), P.M.B 323, Abuja, Nigeria.

Contributors are to ensure that contact address information is clearly visible on the cover page of the packages sent to the editor. A hard copy of each manuscript and the article on a floppy disk should be submitted together with an abstract of not more than 250 words. Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced on 14 points times New Roman.

Submitted articles should not exceed 8000 words. An extra line space should be left between paragraphs. Titles, subtitles and text sub-headings should be chosen for succinctness. Quotations in the text should be indented from both margins, and single spaced. Endnotes should be numbered serially throughout the text by superscript numbers, and typed together on a separate page at the end. Footnoting should conform to the following system.

The use of Ibid. and Op. cit. should be employed where appropriate. All authors should always be included in a first reference and the convention et al. used thereafter. The form of other endnote references should conform to the conventions contained in K. Turabian, A Manual for Writers (London, Heinemann, 1982; see especially chapters 6, 8 and 9). Tables, diagrams, figures and graphs should be clearly laid out on a separate sheet of paper. their position clearly indicated in the text.

One copy of the journal will be supplied to all authors, free of charge, on publication. Copyright of all published material is vested in Centre for Strategic Research and Studies, National Defence College, Abuja.

The contents of the articles are however the responsibility of the authors. and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editors, the Editorial Advisory Board and the Centre for Strategic Research and Studies, National Defence College, Nigeria.