The Implications of Unchecked Armed Drone Proliferation for Global Security

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Okpaleke, F. (2021). The Implications of Unchecked Armed Drone Proliferation for Global Security. African Strategic Review, 6(1). Retrieved from


The tactical and strategic utility of drones for combat purposes has since 9/11 caused it to proliferate globally, with many countries developing drone capabilities for their military systems. However, the unchecked global proliferation of its weaponry among states and non-state actors poses grave concerns for global security that are difficult to dispel. Based on a desk based approach to data collection and premised on the security dilemma theory as its analytical frame, this paper makes three inter-related arguments: (i) at its current stage, if left unchecked, the uncertainties and vulnerabilities created by the diffusion of drones among world powers will have a potentially deterministic influence on great power rivalry and strategic competition; (ii) drone proliferation exacerbates international security by introducing new threats, and transforming the nature of existing threats in the global security landscape; and (iii) the attendant development of lethal drone technology among world powers incentivizes a security dilemma and an arms race that would have potential adverse implications for future warfare and military balance particularly with current advancement in weaponization of artificial intelligence.